Those of a certain age may recall when panicked shoppers went on a rampage looking for the Buzz Lightyear toy from Toy Story.

In fact, it was such a thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger even made a film about it. Jingle All The Way, remember?

In a scene probably not that dissimilar to Jingle All The Way, a minor scuffle broke out in Smyth's Toy Store in Airside, Swords when shoppers were attempting to get their hands on a doll of Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

According to several reports, some had even queued overnight to get their hands on the doll.

Gardai were called during the fight and no arrests were made, however CCTV footage of the incident was taken and examined.

The snow-glow Elsa has sold out of many shops, with manufacturers unable to keep up with the demand for the coveted toy.