Whether that's crying from joy that they're not your neighbours, or because they're just so hideous and Gangnam Style has nothing to do with Christmas and why won't this song just die. We're not sure what's worse, the sheer offensiveness of the light show, the terrible choice of song or the creepy singing face that winks sporadically. Now this one is for charity, so we're not going to completely hate on the effort, seeing as previous displays from the self titled WorldsBestXmasLights have raised over $90,000 for projects in the community. But imagine being their next door neighbours. It's enough to turn you into one serious Scrooge.

The worst part is that this house in Perth isn't alone, there are plenty more people with the same awful, awful idea. And everyone who did it for Halloween should be put on some sort of police watch-list. At least we're sensible enough to not do that here. Except that we're not.