We haven’t been the biggest fan of Alfie Allen’s Game of Thrones character Theon Greyjoy – mostly due to his being a total coward – but the season 7 finale saw him earn our respect as he committed himself to the perilous task of saving his sister, Yara.

The character was infamously castrated by Ramsay Bolton earlier on in the series, and when the actor recently took a picture with a fan, she couldn’t help but make reference to it in the Instagram post she shared of the photo which was taken in Selfridges in London last week:


Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photoðŸÂ?†ðŸÂ?'

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The fan, named Olivia, captioned the image: "Unlike Theon, I grew some balls and asked for a photo" next to the appropriate emojis.

But Alfie Allen had a quick comeback, asserting the truth on the matter:


People absolutely loved it:


"Wow, it's like Olivia is the wall," one commenter said. "Alfie just come in like Viserion and...burn!"



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