It's by no means a new thesis but one Twitter user has come to the table with all the evidence to support that 'Game of Thrones' is basically a rip-off of 'Shrek', and honestly, where is the lie?

People have been comparing 'Game of Thrones' and 'Shrek' since the former began airing back in 2011 but now that the former is all wrapped up, some of the similarities are too glaring to ignore.

Of course, 'Shrek' itself is a parody of fairytales and fables which crossover with the fantasy realm that 'Game of Thrones' lives in so much that a Venn diagram of both would basically be one circle, meaning that similarities are inevitable.

In fact, one account that's been dormant since 2016 that should really get all the credit is 'got as shrek', which did a lot of the heavy lifting early on.

Which one are you more likely to recommend to future generations though...