As we well know by now, Germany inflicted a real hammering on poor aul Brazil the other night, but the effects of that drubbing were felt all the way to...Galway?

Brazil's 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany was historic; never before has a team, on home soil, suffered such a huge defeat in the World Cup semi-final and the only other teams who were ever 5-0 down at half time were Zaire and Haiti, not exactly footballing powerhouses along the lines of Brazil. There was no doubt that it hurt the nation, but it wasn't the only loss that night. 

The Roisin Dubh pub in Galway, in their wisdom, decided to have a promotion on the two beers of each country, and for every goal Germany scored, they would knock 50c off a bottle of Erdinger and for every Brazilian goal they would take 50c off a bottle of Brahma. 

11 minutes in, and things started off well enough for German fans after Thomas Muller's goal, but then there was another from Miroslav Klose, and then Toni Kroos added two more. Khedira got in on the action, and Schurrle added two more in the second half, which ended up with their promotion backfiring just a tiny bit. 



Still, they took it on the chin and decided to do the same promotion the next night, having garnered a fair bit of publicity from their previous night's escapades, but fared rather better when Holland and Argentina drew 0-0. They were clear that penalties don't count, though.



Whatever cash they lost on the night, they've surely saved on advertising budgets, as the story has quickly gone viral featuring on every site from BuzzFeed to the BBC. Expect queues out the door for the final on Sunday, where they're hoping Germany can't do it again...can they?



Via BuzzFeed