Us men are getting pickier about what we choose to put on our nether regions throughout the day (and rightfully so, given that you spend your all day every day in your underwear) and H&M are busy producing some swanky new duds for us to try. 

Made in collaboration with David Beckham, this is another run of the loungewear and underwear collection that was so successful for them last time out. The collection is a little bit more premium than the basics that H&M produce, and the cut and fit are different too, being much more tailored than usual.

Sports and loungewear has found itself at home on the catwalk in the past few years, with sports luxe becoming a major trend, and this crossover filters that down to one of the big high street brands, who have all been looking to incorporate it into their ranges.

Check out the gallery below for a look at the full collection, as well as pricing, and it will be available from H&M soon.