With plenty of social engagements on the horizon, you should be filling your wish list and your wardrobe with some new duds to make sure you look your best. 

Christmas parties, nights out for no real reason, family events; this time of year your social calendar tends to be pretty full, not to mention that you're never too sure where those nights will take you. It might start out in the local, but could take you to dinner in a fancy restaurant, or a last minute attempt to blag your way into the VIP section of a night club in the wee hours of the morning.

No matter the location or the (lack of ) plan that you have, it will always pay to look your best, and Gagliardi's Autumn/Winter collection has the perfect look for any event that this season can throw at you. The tradition and heritage of fine Italian tailoring carries through, as you might expect, with some modern takes on timeless and classic looks. 

This time of year we'll often turn to darker shades, reflecting the weather and our desire to wrap up and feel , but injecting some colour into your wardrobe will not only brighten your mood, but also make you stand out from the crowd. The selection available strikes the right balance however, as going over the top with bold colours can distract from your outfit as a whole, when you really want the pieces to compliment each other. The subtle tones of purple and burgundy are great shades for this time of year that give you something different to the grey and blue that will be ubiquitous this season. 

If you want to go a little bit further, orange is a colour that won't be out of place either, which you can add using an accessory like a well placed pocket square or tie, or layer it with something else. Try this cardigan with a more muted blazer over the top and some simple slacks to make an otherwise plain look pop. 

Checks and subtle windowpane patters are also on trend at the moment, and there are no shortage of options on that front in this latest collection. You can look through the gallery below for a glance, but there are a few standout picks that are on our wish list. The one shown above, in the main image, is an adventurous but subtle shade that has tones of aubergine, while if you want something that will be easier to match with your existing wardrobe, this grey piece has tones of light blue and rust that mean it's anything but dull and drab. 

You can match them with chinos, as shown above, making the copper tones of both pieces stand out, or simple denim for a more relaxed look that still retains a smart air. A vital part of your outfit will be your footwear choice, and this season we've been on a seemingly interminable hunt for the perfect loafer. Too light and you look like you're recycling a summer outfit, and black loafers can be too formal for more casual events. These are pretty much a perfect shade akin to chestnut, while a navy suede brogue can smarten up the classic combo of jeans and a shirt with minimal effort.

You can check out the full collection on Gaglairdi's website, or head to Arnotts and try it on in person.