... Cue many famous faces whipping their mammaries out on New Bond Street for the occasion.

We have the breasticles of Daisy Lowe, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pixie Geldof, Kirsten Dunst, Claire 'you might recall me from The Rock' Forlani, Romola Garai, Naomie Harris, and Thandie Newton here for your viewing pleasure.

The likes of Angelica Huston, Catherine Deneuve, Natalia Vodianova, Lady Helen Taylor, Elle Macpherson, Emilia Fox, Jerry Hall, (thankfully) Cherie Blair and Paloma Faith opted to keep their baps under wraps. Gemma Arteron went one step further, wearing her dress backwards. Alexa Chung came as a Women's Institute member, and Alice Dellal made up for her relatively demure top half by dressing her bottom half like a Bangkok dwelling street walker.

Sophie Dahl, meanwhile, couldn't make up her mind which camp she wanted to place herself in, so she hiked up her bra and hoped for the best.

Oh, you want some actual details about the store in question? Right so. It has "three floors, a bag bar, an 'apartment' for VIP guests, and a bookshop."

A bookshop? Sure, 'cause advocates of Vuitton's oh so classy goods want to sit down for a wee read while they're squandering a f*ck load of money on shoes. And a 'bag bar' you say... Paloma should feel right at home there.