OK, almost 50 years. Of late he's been sporting a look also favoured by fellow beautiful sort - Johnny Depp - the 'I'd cover my entire face with hair if I could' look. A far cry from the halcyon days of minimal beardiness, like when he kicked off his career in Thelma and Louise.

And, of course, Fight Club...

And where would we be without a clip from Snatch (you may be noticing a theme at this point... And be warned, the below clip is a bit violent and filled with naughty words so not for the easily offended)

Now, if we were going to stick with the topless theme, our next clip would be from Troy, but we'll spare you that cinematic abomination. Instead, we'll let you have some quiet time with the below gallery.

Brad Pitt, a family man who's very fine at 50. He's always been charming, kept his nose clean (despite the public marriage break up), and up for a bit of a laugh. Stay classy, Mr. Pitt, there's not many of you around.