Always interesting to ponder what alternative casting decisions could have led to.

Gal Gadot was recently interviewed by THR in their always interesting 'Awards Chatter' Podcast. The podcast typically consists of about an hour and sees actor talk extensively about their career – often leading to some fascinating revelations.

One such reveal in Gadot’s interview was that she was the “runner-up” to play Imperator Furiosa in the epic action movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

“I had so many almosts for big, great things,” the Wonder Woman star explains. “But I was never big enough of a name. It was always me and the big name [actress]. By then, I was married and I already had my first daughter, and going back and forth from Israel, and dragging everyone with me, and trying and feeling the pressure of, I’m coming here, now I’ve gotta book something! I’ve gotta get a role in something.”

There are no hard feelings between the two actresses in any case as Gadot added: “Charlize, I love. It’s funny, because we have Patty Jenkins in common.” Jenkins directed Theron in Monster to an Academy Award winning performance. Gadot and Theron also both starred in the Fast and the Furious franchise (though never in the same movie) so there you are now.