Yikes. So it would appear that Halle Berry was kind of right all along.

Gabriel Aubry
has been charged with battery for attacking Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez. And he's since been ordered to stay 100 yards away from her, their daughter and Martinez.

The Canadian model was booked with bail set at $20,000 once he was released from hospital, after being treated for a broken rib, facial contusions and a possible head injury, following a brawl he started with his ex Halle Berry's fiance. While Olivier is said to have come off better in the fight, he was taken to the same hospital an hour later, where he was treated for a possible broken hand and neck injuries.

Andrew Smith, Commanding Officer, LAPD Media Relations and Community Affairs Group told People magazine: "He was booked for a private person's arrest for battery. Bail is $20,000."

The fight reportedly occurred when Gabriel was dropping his and Halle's four-year-old daughter back to her mother's house yesterday morning and Olivier tried to speak to him about the ongoing custody dispute between him and Halle.

After Olivier said to Gabriel "We have to move on," the Canadian model is said to have responded by pushing the French actor. He then tried to punch him in the face, but Olivier blocked it and then a full blown fight broke out.

Gabriel and Halle - who split in 2010 - have been at odds ever since she tried to convince a judge to allow her to move to France with Nahla, a move which was recently blocked by the courts.