If you're under the age of 20, there's a good chance MySpace will mean almost nothing to you.

If, however, you lived through the heady days of early social media and MySpace, this might be of interest to you. A hacker is claiming to have cracked close to 427,000,000 passwords on the vintage social media platform in what's been described as one of the biggest data breaches in recent history.

What makes it even more shocking is that hardly anyone noticed. It's been reported that MySpace - which is still operating, believe it or not - was aware of the hack, but failed to let its users - yes, they're still out there - know about the breach. The same hacker reportedly broke into a huge swathe of LinkedIn profiles and was selling off the information across the web.

The hacker offered to sell of the MySpace passwords for the princely sum of 6 Bitcoin or $2,800 - however it's not yet known if anyone took them up on the offer. In fairness, who'd buy it? And for that matter, can you even remember your MySpace password?

Realistically speaking, the hack will have no effect on anyone's life as most people have migrated on from MySpace and abandoned the platform entirely. Believe it or not, MySpace is claiming that it has over 50,000,000 unique visitors per month. The site was recently purchased by Time Inc. in February of this year for an undisclosed sum.


Via Motherboard