Despite the abysmal ratings and everything else Fantastic Four received, Miles Teller's walked away from it all smelling of roses.

We're guessing it's because he's actually a brilliant actor - seriously, watch Whiplash - and, y'know, there were lots of issues on set. LOTS.

Anyway, Teller has obviously decided to take some time off and where does he decide to sojourn for a few days? On the West / Best Coast of Ireland, no less.

Better still, Teller's brought his dear old nanny along with him for the trip because he's such a nice boy.




Also joining his nanny is his possible girlfriend Keyleigh Sperry, who's been documenting said trip via Instagram.



Sadly, it would seem, Teller passed through Dublin without anyone catching a glimpse. Or maybe, y'know, people just didn't want to be bothering him.

We're sound like that.


Via Twitter / Instagram