Gerry Adams is one of those figures in Irish politics that, for some reason, has become a pop-culture icon all on his own.

It's probably due to the fact his Twitter account is like some highly advanced performance-art that will only reveal its meaning years from now. That and he takes selfies with goats. In fact, his Twitter has become such a phenomenon that it's now getting its own book.

There's more. The Wax Museum+ on College Green, Dublin has decided to honour the Belfast native with his very own wax figurine. Adams' wax doppelganger will form part of the Time Vaults of Irish History exhibit, which focuses on key events in Irish history including the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Adams is set to unveil the figurine tomorrow afternoon at The Wax Museum+, with Adams in attendance. We eagerly await the selfie taken with the figurine, Mr. Adams.