The tweets from the census would put you in cens-ational form. Sorry.

Last night every household in Ireland completed their census form. You know, that green booklet that we have to fill in every couple of years that aims to let people who don't exist yet know what we were at at the time. But everyone knows that the best part about filling in the census is tweeting about it.

The 'Mean Girls' tweets came in hot and heavy from the jump.

And then there were some extremely pressing questions.

A lot of people wanted to speak on the religion question within the form.

And others were swayed by lighter topics.

Some people even took the opportunity to have a little rant, filling the entire box.

While some didn't say anything at all.

And for those of you that remember when in your childhood you weren't allowed over to your friend's house on census night, we've found the adult version of that struggle. Har har.

Haven't filled your census in yet? Make sure you do so you won't get in trouble.