There are some mashups you don't see coming. And sometimes, they create comedic gold. Such is the case for this one between Disney sequel 'Frozen 2' and hit sitcom 'The Office'.

Anyway who has seen 'Frozen 2' will definitely know showstopper musical number 'Into the Unknown'. (it's essentially the new 'Let It Go') And anyone who has seen 'The Office' starring Steve Carell will remember the scene where Michael Scott reacts to the return of colleague Toby Flenderson.

To quote it precisely, the line is: "NO GOD! NO GOD, PLEASE NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO"

That moment combined with Elsa singing her heart out had this result, and it's all thanks to Youtuber Kenna Ashley Music.

Is it dumb? Yes. Is it also hilarious? Hell yes.