The Terrence Higgins Trust Gala (no idea) took place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London last night. One would expect a highbrow, cultural, and slightly fabulous crowd at such an event, and - true to form - we got Stephen Fry, Antonio Carluccio, Richard O'Brien, Janet Street Porter, NIigella Lawson, David Walliams and the missus, and so on.

Things take a slight downturn with the presence of Jodie Harsh, Sadie Frost, Caroline Flack in her uniform, Nancy Dell'Olio, Michelle Collins, and Beverly Knight.

Then there's a complete nosedive thanks to this. It appears to be wearing bejewelled nipple pasties. Or they're just its nipples.

Anyway, at the end of the night, this emerged. Her manccessory looked a bit startled, and was nowhere to be found when she decided to head off to The Brompton Club in the wee hours. Probably for the best considering the state of it.

Stay classy, Jordan.