If one thing's for sure, it's that when the sun decides to grace us with its golden presence, few places on Earth are more beautiful than this emerald island. You can take your French Alps and your Thai beaches, we've got more than enough visual splendor here in Ireland, thank you very much.

Few will argue that perhaps the most scenic part of Ireland is to be found westward and particularly breathtaking is the Dingle peninsula. Dingle town itself is also a gem in its own right - the pubs, the grub, the people - An Daingean has it all. So fantastic is Dingle, it just won the title of Foodie Town of Ireland. If you're pondering a trip down South, and you really should, here's five unmissable to dos for your list.

1. A boat trip out to see Fungie, the dolphin that seems suspiciously impervious to age. Yes this friendly fellow can't get enough of your oohing and ahhing. On a good day, he'll be lepping all over the place, spraying you with some fresh Atlantic water. On a bad day, a day when he fails to make an appearance, you get your money back. This is a rarity, mind, but if, for some reason, Fungie comes down with dolphin flu, it's still a pretty gorgeous boat trip around Dingle bay. A win win, you'll agree.

2. A round of pitch and putt. Even if you're not that keen on the idea, just go. You won't regret it. Jutting out into Dingle Bay with views of the town, marina and rolling hills all around you, the Dingle pitch and putt course is without doubt the most scenic in Ireland. The course is really well laid out to with enough variation to keep it interesting. Wrap up your game with a slice of their famous chocolate biscuit cake and all will be right with the world.

3. Dick Mack's. You cannot take a trip to Dingle and not go for a pint in its most beloved pub. Situated on Green Street, opposite the town's church, Dick Mack's has attracted all kinds of interesting folk from all over the world, each one with an interesting story to tell. With old leather boots adoring one side of the bar and all of the booze on the other, this pub has a charm like no other. Perfect place for a sneaky bit of celeb spotting, if there's anyone worth talking to in Dingle, this is without a doubt where they'll be. Squeeze all your mates into one of the pub's two snugs and let the black shtuff flow. Soon enough, a trad session will surely have kicked off and you'll be right as rain here for the remainder of the evening. Gorgeous courtyard out the back to.

​4. Smerwick Harbour - Tigh T.P's. If the sun is shplittin' the shtones, you'll want to head west out from the town and have a pint outside at T.P's. The views here will cure whatever's ailing you, as will the gorgeous, creamy pints. If it's a real scorcher, there's a cute little beach right underneath that's great for a doggy paddle.

5. Slea Head Drive - Whatever the weather, no trip to Dingle is complete without a drive around the whole peninsula. Come rain or shine, it's always impressive. Give yourself plenty of time and be sure to make lots of stops. Dingle prides itself on its blue flag beaches and each one is worthing stepping out of the car for. Clogher is at its best when the weather is particularly wild. Just don't, whatever you do, go for swim here. Along the way around the head you'll drive over a waterfall, catch a glimpse of Holy Mary, take in a spot of surfing at Coumeenoole and look on in awe at the Sleeping Giant. Then back into Dingle for a hot bowl of chowder at... Chowder and Bob's your uncle.

Truth be told, we could go on and on and on about all the things there is to do in Dingle. Regardless of age, there really is something for everyone in this town. 'Cause we're feeling particularly sound today, here's a bit more info.

5 other restaurants worth eating at:
The Half Door
The Global Village
The Goat Street Cafe

Best take away - The Reel Thing. The fish and chips are out of this world, we shit you not.

5 other pubs you can't miss:
Foxy John's
O'Sullivan's Courthouse pub

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