Ah here, only one in five Irish people are friends with their mammies on Facebook. Ye're a terrible bunch, really. 

Some new figures based on research performed by Irish Life have produced a number of interesting facts and figures that show just how much Irish people love their social media, and how it's involved in our everyday lives. 

The company are celebrating their 75 years in existence, and will launch a new campaign that will feature 75 key facts about the Irish people, and they've compiled a list of the most important ones to do with social media. 

Some of the stand out pieces of information include the fact that only one in five of us out there are friends with our mammies on Facebook (our poor mammies, and after all they've done...), 40% of us have a look at someone's social media profile before we go out on a date with them (to see if they're normal or whatever) and nearly half of us don't know all our Facebook friends personally. Here are a few of the other facts you need to know too:

· Only 55% allow themselves to be tagged in images on Facebook

· 43% of Irish people are friends with at least five colleagues on Facebook

· 40% of Irish people look at someone’s social media before they go on a date

· Just 38% of Irish people know all of their Facebook friends personally

· 34% of Irish people hide their friends news feed if they post too many pictures of their pets/babies

· Only 28% read the terms and conditions for apps and social media (a figure we thought would be closer to 1%)

· 24% of Irish people have tried online dating

· 23% of Irish people have a Facebook ‘cull’ once a year

· 1 in 5 have never checked their privacy settings

· Only 15% use LinkedIn when looking for a job

· Over 1 in 10 of Irish people have lied on an online dating profile

So there you have it, we're a bunch of lying, voyeuristic weirdos who don't know any of the people we claim to know online. We're an odd nation, really. Just in case you need it, here's a sample Facebook invite for your mammy too. Gwan so, no excuse now...