The show lasted ten seasons, airing from 1994 until 2004 and still remains one of TV's most popular shows. Last year's reunion episode proved that there's still a huge love for the show.

However, since it's now been off the air for nearly twenty years, a whole generation have grown up without giving the show much thought. After all, a lot of it is pretty dated at this point and, dare we say, not very relatable anymore.

That point has been very much driven home by American author Rebecca Makkai, who decided to take her 14-year-old daughter on a journey of nostalgia.

Needless to say, there were quite a few elements of the show that required explaining. There's some excellent out-of-date references already considering they're only on season 2.

Specifically, trying to explain how a pager works to a teenager sounds like a task. Especially since the concept of pagers was outdated even when this writer was watching the show.

One rather jarring feature of 'Friends' is the mysterious wealth that all of the main characters seem to have.

Seriously, try explaining that a masseuse, a waitress or a struggling actor could afford rent in a large New York City apartment in this day and age and you would be getting some blank looks in return.

Having to explain who Hank Azaria is definitely shows how long ago this show was on the air. The actor is probably best known as the voice of Moe Szylslak and various other characters in 'The Simpsons'. Which coincidentally is a show that probably should have ended around the same time as 'Friends'.

Ah, holding up lighters at concerts. A now completely obsolete gesture since the emergence of smart phones and tighter fire hazard laws. It does bring a certain nostalgia back, though. Another re-watch of 'Friends' might be on the cards after this thread.

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