We've had SO much going on this week that there were no less than 8 extremely popular posts for your perusal this Friday. From red carpets, to hair grease, ticket giveaways, to your best friend for bushy brows, and Keet Duffy's 40th shindig - it's all here for you to consume with yer eyes. Yep, he's only 40. Madness.

1. Pride of Britain Awards 2014
Have a looksie at all the looks gracing the red carpet this year...

Keith Duffy celebrates his 40th birthday

3. It's in at number 3, but '5' is the Magic Number
Behold the 5 items required for the perfect capsule wardrobe

4. Day-To-Night Makeup in a Jiffy
Our ten minute ‘Shabby to Chic’ tutorial

5. Lidl Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment...
Only The Fonz could rock this amount of gruaig grease :-/

6. Maybelline Brow Satin
The answer to wispy brows’ prayers?

7. Banishing That Blemish!
What’s your go-to spot blaster?

8. WIN! Fancy going to Cloud 10 Beauty’s Fabulous ‘Behind the Scenes’ Beauty Event?
We've got tickets to to give away!