What have Andrea and the good ladies over at Beaut.ie been been bantering about this week? A rake load of stuff considering they also had a site redesign to contend with - see, look how pretty!  Here be the top 7 most talked about segments this week - yisser all about the miracle skin creams it seems...

1.NEW! Garnier Miracle Skin Cream.

New generation of skincare-and-coverage-in-one promises visible results in four weeks. Review and pics alert.

2. Storage Wars.
Spring has sprung and now there’s cleaning to be done. Oh Christ.

3. In the Words of Baz Luhrmann, WEAR Sunscreen.

Six hard-workin’ SPFs to see you through the summer

4. Pics Galore As Beaut.ie Checks Out Kate Moss some more.
You have have missed her short shorts and some other pieces from her collection.

5. Diet Diaries.
We try four week vegan challenge and tell you EXACTLY what to expect...

6. Tutti Frutti.
Fashion goes fruity with citrus-inspired colours and pear prints

7. Beaut.ie Awards 2014 Nominations - Vote NOW!
We may have mentioned these before, but their definitely worth mentioning again!