We're all about feeling summery this week, so it's time to review some radiance balms, sample some cooling body moisturisers, battle the eczema, get a toned tan (it's possible) and - if Kirstie Allsop had her way, we'd be considering ditching college in favour of sprouting some loin fruit... How's that for covering all the bases.

1. The Kirstie Allsop Plan...
She only reckons you should skip college and have babies instead.

2. No 7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm.
Tis summer skin in a bottle. Review, pics, swatches

3. NEW! The Body Shop’s Sorbet Range.
Cooling range of body moisturisers that smell like out-of-date Love Hearts

4. Skinny Tan...
A new product  that promises to Tan-AND-Tone in one. Sounds too good to be true? We put it to the test.

5. Battling Eczema?
We trialled Avene XeraCalm in the war against the rash. And the results are in

6. Lancome’s Limited Edition Colour Design Eyeliners and Shadows.
Vibrant, creamy shades. They. Do. Not. Budge.