We've been in a whirlwind of 'sublime to ridiculous' dresses this week thanks to Jennifer Maguire's stunning (particularly from the rear) wedding gown, and Victoria Hervey's not so stunning tin crotch. It dutifully put in an appearance at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party... We also get some deets on the best budget skincare products thanks to our mate Caroline Hirons, we look at the three best picks to help you 'lighten up' this summer, and we have yet more affordable dupes if you can't be forking out the sponds on the high-end stuff. And on top of all that, we want to give you free stuff to the tune of €100 - we just need to get to know you a little bit better...

1. WEDDING ALERT: Handkerchief at the ready...
Jennifer Maguire got hitched in what we're calling Bridal Boho. In case you don't know who Jennifer Maguire is (judging by the comments, a lot of people just know her from those insurance ads), she is on Republic of Telly, those insurance ads AND she co-hosts 2FM's breakfast show Breakfast Republic. She first broke on to the entertainment scene courtesy of The Apprentice UK back in 2008, when she wanted to be a serious business woman. She made quite the impression on Lord Sugar at the time as he couldn't stand her voice. Interesting given her current full time job. In yer face, Sugs!

2. Style Watch: Serpentine Gallery Summer Party.
Forget Dorothy’s Tin Man, Lady Victoria Hervey has a tin crotch

3. Dollah Is What I Need
Budget skincare picks from Caroline Hirons

4. Lighten Up!
Top three picks for radiant summer skin from Mac, Rimmel and Dermablend

5. Beaut.ienomics
Three affordable dupes for high-end products. Chanel, MUFE, Nars

6. We’d Like to Get to Know You Better...
And we’ve a €100 Beaut.ie Box up for grabs!