There may have only been four days but this week was filled to the brim. We had the downlow on how to pull off designer wedding dresses on a budget, hacks and tips on how not to hack the crap out of your legs and face and more tutorials than you can shake a stick at.

1. Fancy a Packham, a Posen, or a Wang Dress for Your Wedding?
You don't always have to break the bank

2. Three Beauty Hacks To Make Life Easier
Toothpaste ain't just for teeth

3. Foolproof Tips and Tricks to Avoid Leg Bumps after Shaving
Here's how to s(h)ave the day

4. Sarah Harding’s Coronation Street Days are So Over
It was good while it lasted. And by good we mean awkward

5. Facing My Fears: A Personal Account of Living With Acne
This week's must read

6. Our Super Summer Skincare Saviours
Summer essentials ahoy!

7. Lena Dunham is Being Empowering & Inspirational. As Usual.
Never change Lena

8. Five Minute Face and Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial
You'll have to make up a reason to be fashionably late