There's bombastic (blame D'Arcy) brow tutorials (even if you've pruned them within and inch of existence), palettes a plenty, a gaggle of galleries, and Bono getting on down at the web summit. We heard. We weren't invited... *sniffs*

1. 2014 Glamour Women of the Year Awards
Yep, they happened... and (almost) everyone was there

2. Where Was Our Invite?
Bono held a party for his web summit friends

3. NYX Butt Naked Palette
My palette OF THE YEAR

4. When Love isn’t Enough
Discontinued products we miss

5. Back to Basics Tutorial Series
Mastering brows

6. Our Five Favourite Winter Trends
They're straight from the High Street

7. Rate It!
Eye shadow palettes

8. Boots Star Gift Revealed
Nails Inc Ultimate Accessory Gift Set at €25, down from €55!