T'was a (loooooong) week rife with reviews, laments regarding Mac's Limited Editions *snores*, and the ongoing #nomakeupselfie debate. Here's what was going down over on Beaut.ie...

Behold the most read article this week, Tinted Love... a review of Benefit's new lip balms that are set to join the current tints range.

Got a hot date this weekend? We brought sexy back with astep-by-step tutorial to create a subtle, natural and alluring look.

Speaking of make up, seemingly we're a nation scarred for life by makeup of yore. Who remembers of horror of heather shimmer, the complete futility of Constance Carroll's clear mascara or the national nightmarish love of panstick foundations? Jaysus - what the hell did we look like?!

From make up guns "set to whore" (Simpsons reference alert) to bare faced cheek... Makeup-Free selfies for charity took the internet by storm, we had a lively ol' discussion about the phenomenon. In case you don't recognise them without the war paint, that's (left to right) Grainne Seoige, Katherine Jenkins, Michelle off Corrie, Sadie Frost, and Ms Brunker down the bottom.

As always, there were tips a plenty in the form of the following three articles:

Hair today, gone tomorrow - five products to help repair very damaged hair

Budget Beauty - Aldi's Lacura Body Butters (part of their Mammy's Day Pampering range) are the spit of The Body Shop's iconic tubs. But is it actually any good?

Mac's Limited Editions for 2014 - it left us yawning into our makeup bags, except for the Lorde look which frankly depressed the hell out of us...