Of quitting the BBC Show, which inexplicably champions the existence of that bald dude with the goatee, he said:

"I was bored, simple as that. I’d done lots of them, about 60 shows, and it certainly felt like it! I just felt I'd done it to death, then they could get someone else new in. But it was good fun and they guys are great. There was no f****ing animosity about it or anything. You can stay too long in these things, and I think maybe I'm leaving it a bit too early (are you f***), but there you go. It's a question of how boring people want TV to be now. People aren't going to be happy until you boil it down to just cooking and f***ing property shows. F***ing hell, it's so f****ing boring already… I think it's just dull people who want dull TV and the people in charge who want to talk down to the people who watch it. I feel there's much more of a division between the people who make things now and the people who watch them."

As suspected, he has a prospective Channel 4 show in the works (please let it feature Charlie Brooker, please let it feature Charlie Brooker, please let it feature Charlie Brooker). This is what he had to say to The Mirror regarding that: "It's going to be some quite harsh stand up and some quite harsh sketches, and a series of skits that discuss the development of Aids through the years. I'm filming it in December and it's being shown in January next year. I don't know what the title is yet, I've got one in mind but we'll see. "

Might we suggest 'Frankie Boyle: The Only Funny Person Left to Invade Your Box'