And they announce this the same week Peter Andre and Elen Rivas are seen canoodling in a very public spot... It doesn't take a cynic to work this one out *taps nose*

I'm on to you Lamps. You heard Elen and Pandre were "spotted kissing at British reality TV star Amy Childs' 21st birthday party at Zilli Fish Restaurant in London's Soho, fuelling rumours they are back together" - so you whipped yourself off to a jeweller, flung Christine on a plane and popped the question outside some luncheon join in L.A. It's, like, sooooo obvious you're the one in the fauxmance, not Peter Andre and Elen Rivas - PAH!

Christine, blissfully unaware that Frank was merely saving face in light of England's number one couple rekindling their deep unbridled passion at Amy Childs' 21st birthday, had this to say of the shock proposal after 18 months of dating:

"I was beyond shocked. It wasn't very glamorous, it wasn't very fancy, I know maybe some people might expect that. It was very personal, very private, actually. We were just having a gorgeous lunch by the beach and he simply popped the question. It was completely out of the blue and he was starting to build up to it and it was a little bit lovey-dovey and halfway through the lovey-dovey bit I realised what he was about to say and I started to cry." With disappointment by the sounds of things.

Someone else blabbing to The Sun added: "He had it all planned out. He was very traditional and went down on one knee. They went out to celebrate that night at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard."

And what's that? He also asked her parents for her hand a while back? Oh, good LORD SAY IT ISN'T SO?!! Peter and Elen's reignited romance is the lie to save face, not the other way around?!

I feel. So. Stupid.

OK, roll up, place yer bets, I'll give you good odds on Lamps taking out a superinjunction withthin the year...