This pair evidently aren't going to bugger off until the next Transformer film has been in your local DVD shop for at least two weeks.

OK, so far, we've had Shia fancying his mother; Shia fancying Megan, but now the PR department has gone for a different tack - something implausible - they've gotten Megan Fox to say she attracted to Shia; possibly because of their on set "penis measuring contests":

"Once on set, Shia and Tyrese were having a 'who has the biggest penis' contest. Then, who can put up the most weight on a bench press - Tyrese put up like 150, and little Shia put up 210, like, eight times or something. Tyrese was so ashamed of himself." HAH *points* you probably thought I meant tackle measuring fest between Shia and Megan. That, however, is a more likely scenario than LaBeouf benching more than Tyrese Gibson.

Megan then went on to profess her feelings for Shia: "He probably is my favourite person in the entire world. Shia makes me laugh harder than anybody I've ever known in my life. I end up crying or almost peeing myself every time I'm with him. So he's just my favourite - I love you, Shia! And he's really super-handsome!"

Now that's plain taking the piss. Not to worry, Brian (Austin Green), you always have your career to fall back on. Ooooh. Hug?