So for those who've been under living under a rock for the past 24 hours, footage has emerged of NFL running back Ray Rice assaulting his then his then Fiancee, now wife, Jenay Palmer in an Atlantic City hotel elevator on February 15th.

The shocking footage has led to the NFL banning the player indefinitely, his team, the Baltimore Ravens, cutting him from his $30million contract, and wide-scale condemnation from the public, even from Rice's staunchest supporters. 

Unfortunately, not all coverage could take such a serious line, and Fox News' "Fox and Friends" flew a little to close to the sun with their mix of debate and 'banter', as host Brian Kilmeade seemed to think a light-hearted approach was the best way to go. It wasn't.

Now we're not going to jump all over Fox's back here, although it'd be really, really easy. It's important to remember Kilmeade spoke out against domestic violence earlier in the show, and that this ill-advised joke clearly wasn't the party-line, as co-host Steve Doocy got cameras away from Kilmeade pretty sharpish.