Last night saw the Fox Network All-Star Party held at the Soho House in California. I won't bore you with any of the finer details - that's for our brand new TV section - so let's just take a look at who was there and how they looked. That's all we care about in Gossip right?

First up? Zooey Deschanel. One of our girl crushes for quite some time now Zooey dazzled in a glittery gown. But if you look closely, you'll be sorely disappointed (if there's nothing else going on in your life of more significance, that is) to find that those eyelashes are FAKE. Am I the only one who believed her doe-eyed look was all natural?

Then there was Lea Michele who could not look more beautiful - and less like her goody two shoes Rachel Berry characer on Glee. Keeping things neutral in a pale peach plunging ensemble if there's one stylist in Hollywood that I'd like a shot of, it's Estee Stanley who Michele credits for this look. Top marks for maintaining a lady like appeal while showing some subtle boobage.

Also in attendance was Cat Deely - almost a fully fledged American at this stage given the amount of work she's gotten herself there - who looked fresh as a daisy in a tropical dress that sat just above the knee while Hannah Simone of New Girl earned herself two thumbs down from us for this futuristic looking number. Try better next time, sweetheart.

As for the lads? Well here you have Trouty Mouth - aka Chord Overstreet from Glee opting for a 'I'm actually really intelligent' look with these spectacles, Seth McFarlane who I just wish looked like Peter Griffin in real life and a dapper looking Matthew Morrison. Then there was also Kiefer Sutherland donned in a completely futile scarf while Glee's Kevin McHale looked all kinds of cool in this short sleeved shirt and tie.