Ladies, you may want to start putting some chastity belts on your men, because according to a new survey by Cadbury, 82% of Irish men would consider a one night stand with a married woman. Nice one lads. Way to commit.

Also revealed? Almost half of Irish men rely on their sense of humour when it comes to seduction, and almost three quarters of them will lie to impress a lady. Really making yourselves so attractive here lads. Final nail in the coffin: 68% of men would dump their other half for a chance to go out with their 'pin up'.

Cadbury Starbar is on the hunt to find one man who thinks he's bold enough to handle a meet and greet with the actual Megan Fox (no really) in LA, and are getting lads to submit the most impressive picture of themselves, with the winner to be chosen, once again, by the actual Megan Fox. So get working on displaying that humour though photography boys, and good luck. You're gonna need it.