In the absence of anything remotely newsworthy at the minute (see below), I'm going to treat you to a some galleries. Not particularly exciting galleries, but they're not to be sniffed at today.

First up, is the Catch Me If You Can Broadway premiere (Christ, imagine the set changes?) which took place on Saturday, and boasted a guest list including Hugh Jackman, a rather pregnantJane Krakowski, a not so pregnant Tina Fey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and a waif, a nattily dressed tramp who insisted he was Robin Williams, Shirley MacLaine, Martin Short, this amazing jacket, and the Broderick/Parker clan minus the twins. Matthew, as always, looked like he was totally enjoying the moment - especially after SJP had a word. I'm guessing something along the lines of, "What have I told you like a gazillion times about looking like you're having fun in my company? There ya go!!!"

Second on our gallerific menu is the 9th Annual TV Land Awards, which was attended by a very pretty Jane Lynch, Jane Leeves as a gold plated mermaid, Michael J. Fox, various children off the Cosby Show (A and B), Cloris Leachman in a clinch gone too far, the dude off Mad About You, Kelly Preston, John Travolta's rug, and an actual Caveman.

Thirdly; the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Expect Kristin Chenowith, Ashley Benson, Tori Spelling, Melissa Etheridge, Chaz Bono (hands up who thought I meant Bono Bono?), Lucy Hale, Marlee Matlin (AKA that very attractive deaf actress from the 90s), Meat Loaf, Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family fame, and Kirsten Dunst in f*** knows what. What is it? Is it a dress with a belt? Or is it a skirt and a baggy top? Is that a dog in a purple tuxedo?!

Lastly, but my no means leastly, we have someone who continuously knows how to dress herself: this is Rachel Evan Wood at the world premiere of The Conspirator in Washington yesterday. Busy but divine. She was accompanied by James McAvoy, Robert Redford, Kevin Kline, Alexis Bledel, and the lovely Princess Buttercup in a puckered pant suit. Honestly, it makes her breasts resembled scrunched balls of papier mache.

OK, hope that adequately killed some of your lunchtime. I'll continue my search for actual news after mine.