What a shame. Imagine being as ridiculously good looking as this girl - so good looking she'd be of the supermodel variety - and then developing a meth addiction that would change your face beyond recognition.

I didn't watch the series myself, but many of you will remember Jael from America's Next Top Model season 8. Apparently she was quite the free-spirited young lady; laid back, wore lots of wooly stuff, irritated 50 cent for some reason. Jezebel.com describe her as a girl who although having remarkable bone structure and face symmetry, there was just 'something a little bit druggie about'.

Jael recently reappeared on TV screens but sadly, it was for all the wrong reasons. Hanging out with Dr. Phil, as you do, Jael revealed all about her alleged meth addiction which she's been battling for the past six years. Jezebel says: "Amazingly, the drugs have not only changed her skin quality, but also the size of her nose. It's really her though, and Phil and her parents are teaming up to conduct an intervention."

Given that the former model ends up fleeing the studio and running through the Paramount parking lot, we're not quite sure how well it went.

Say no to drugs, kids.