The Forbes folk are banging on about their lists again, this time it's an interesting one - Most Overpaid Movie Star. And, we must admit, it's very agreeable... even thought Nicole Kidman didn't make it on to the list this year for some reason. Then again, she didn't star in a major flop like Australia this year.

So, how do Forbes work it out? They calculate how much money a film recoups in comparison to what the film's star was paid. For example, according to The Sun, Men Who Stare at Goats earned £2.25 for each pound Ewan McGregor was paid for co-starring in it. Transformers bosses, however, were reimbursed £96 for every pound Shia LaBeouf earned for larking about with large angry robot machines, and Megan Fox in pristine tight white pants... like that film was never going to make money...

It's not just box office performances which are taken into account; DVD sales and TV rights are also considered.

We'll list it in reverse so as to extend the suspense *wriggles*

10: Jim Carrey - I Love You Philip Morris; A Christmas Carol
09: Samuel L Jackson - Inglourious Basterds (uncredited narrator); Astro Boy; Mother and Child
08: Leonardo DiCaprio - the last film he appeared in was 2008's Revolutionary Road
07: Drew Barrymore - Whip It; Everybody's Fine
06: Tom Cruise - the last film he appeared in awas 2008's Valkyrie
05: Ice Cube - Grindhouse: Collection of Non-Created Films
04: Eddie Murphy - Imagine That
03: Billy Bob Thornton - Manure (seriously)
02: Ewan McGregor - Amelia; Men Who Stare at Goats; Angels and Demons; I Love You Philip Morris
01: Will Ferrell - Land of The Lost

Thank you, Forbes, I'll consider that payback, albeit tardy, for the hours forever lost watching Step Brothers and Semi-Pro. PAYBACK, I tells ya!