Firstly, it's OK to want to know, everyone is talking about it - even Anton Savage was discussing it on Ireland AM this morning. Some of his panel even referred to it as a tragic ordeal that had befallen this poor pregnant woman. Well done, Katie, your twitter feed announcing a 'full blown sexual affair' got our attention. According to the dude on the left there, it was just a "drunken kiss."

Said dude is Derrick Pountney, the husband of Katie's "best friend" Jane Pountney who's allegedly been having that affair with yer man Kieran (AKA husband/victim number 3). Katie went to Derrick and Jane's house yesterday for "crisis talks" (short shorts, biker Uggs and a wry smile is appropriate attire for "crisis talks" on Planet Price).

Speaking with the assembled journos outside his West Sussex home, Derrick announced this via "We are good friends of Katie and Kieran's and have been good friends of Katie for a good 20 years. A lot of this drama has been a storm in a teacup and there's a lot of misunderstandings to sort out," he continued. There has not been a 'full-blown' affair going on, it was more like a drunken kiss."

"Will she and Kieran break up, or could they get back together? I don't really know. As for Jane and I working things out... again, I don't know. This 'affair' has not really happened like it has been portrayed. I've known about it for about four weeks myself. All four of us are good friends, but things between Kieran and Jane just went a bit far... Now Katie has gone and put the whole thing for everyone to read about on Twitter, which she didn't really need to do, and a drunk kiss has turned into a full on affair. That's not the case. I knew about what had happened before today, it's not new to me... I was at Katie's house earlier today and brought Kieran round here. I see myself as the peacemaker of the group... Everyone is just about on speaking terms now. I hope they can work it out."

As Hot Chocolate once said: "It started with a kiiiiiiiss. Never thought it would come to this...." Apart from Katie, that is, she knew exactly what she was doing. In fact, she's such a pro at brewing teacup storms that husband number 2, AKA Alex 'Roxanne' Reid, has proffered a hand of support even though they openly loooaaathe each other. In other words, he misses being in the press.