Awks. You tell someone all your secrets and then you both go your separate ways... In other words, it's like Brian O'Driscoll and Paul Kimmage have been dating for a couple of years. Kimmage certainly seems to think so, anyway.

Some small background deets first. Paul Kimmage is a sports journo with the Sunday Independent, and he's been penning the rugby player's biography for two years. With just months before its proposed release, Kimmage and O'Driscoll have split up.

Speaking with the Independent, Kimmage said: "We've had our disagreements and that's where we are now... I am enduring a lot of pain - it is similar to the break-up of a loving relationship, which is what I had with Brian. A break-up is sad and it's never easy and it's never fun. I've a deep hole in myself now, which is going to take a while to fill." May we recommend a bucket of Midnight Cookies and Cream. Has helped fill our holes many a time.

The article adds: "He also revealed he had just finished a draft of 20,000 words of the autobiography and had planned to present it to O'Driscoll this week."

In response to Kimmage's resignation from Penguin Ireland, O'Driscoll said: "I have enjoyed working with Paul over the last few years and it is unfortunate that we cannot complete this project together." He's keeping his cards rather more close to his chest.

Before we all start getting exciting by the prospect of Amy Huberman taking over the project, it has been revealed that the task will be taken up by Kimmage's former Sunday Times colleague, Alan English. That's got to smart a little.

in short, we're still wondering why Brian O'Driscoll and his biographer parted ways...