Here's what happened on the night that exposed Tiger as being a dorty, dorty cheatin' scumbag, with a penchant for puerile porn stars/"hostesses"/Vegas waitresses.

"Before the Thanksgiving crash, the sources say that Woods, 34, gave Elin, 30, advance warning that the National Enquirer was about to run a story claiming that he had an affair with NYC club manager Rachel Uchitel. He swore to Elin that the story was false and that he had only met Uchitel once or twice at social outings. Elin remained suspicious, the sources say. The day before Thanksgiving, as Internet rumors began to spread, Woods convinced Uchitel to talk to Elin. They had a 30-minute chat. After the conversation, Elin believed the relationship was platonic, the sources say. But on Thanksgiving, Elin learned some of the Enquirer's specifics about the purported affair and an argument ensued. To end the bickering, both sources confirm that Woods took Ambien to fall asleep. While asleep, Elin looked through Woods' cellphone... She found Uchitel's number (she was listed under her real name) and found a text that read, 'You are the only one I've loved.' Shortly after 1 a.m. in Florida, she began texting Uchitel, pretending to be Woods, according to both sources. She wrote, 'I miss you,' and asked, 'When are we seeing each other again?' Uchitel texted back. At that point, Elin called Uchitel, who answered thinking it was Woods calling. Both sources say that Elin said something along the lines of: 'I knew it was you.' 'Oh f*-k!' a surprised Uchitel blurted out and hung up, one source says. Enraged, Elin woke up Woods by screaming at him."

He then took off towards his car, barefoot, and crashed it into a fire hydrant and then a neighbouring tree. Can open. Grubbs everywhere.

In spite of all this, Elin has reportedly spent five days with Tiger in rehab, where he's currently being treated for that mysterious ailment "sex addiction". Hand in hand heartfelt Oprah interview no doubt awaits.