Given that today's the day we're meant to be all thankful and stuff - that is if you're American (shhh let's just piggy back on it anyway) - we've been thinking about some of the things we're grateful for this Thanksgiving. What we're not thankful for though, is the distinct lack of turkey in the office. You'd think our resident American Sarah Murphy'd have sorted us out. Pffft. Anyhoo, let's get down to business.

This week we are thankful...

that David Beckham is leaving America which (in our heads) means that he's taking up modelling H&M manties full time.

for One Direction's video for Live While We're Young. The world needs more boyband members getting considerably soaked in paddling pools

that people like Mick Wallace are making fashion statements in the Dail.

that Madonna - or Madge and her vag as I like to call her - will continue to make the rest of us glad we have limited access to leotards.

meanwhile John is thankful he didn't gather round with the rest of the editorial team to look at the pictures of Madonna. 'My imagination can't be worse than the reality, can it?' No, John, it really can't.

that procrastination has never been easier than with this live stream of kittens playing together.

that we all have our winter woolies bought because tomorrow, it's reported to dip to as low as -1 degrees. Hurray. Also, did somebody say it was snowing in Finglas?

that all of the turkeys who haven't been gobbled... are still gobbling.

Anything to add yizzer selves? G'wan, spread the joy.