Mikael Forssell has been in the game a long time, having plaid for clubs like Leeds and Chelsea along the way, and like all of us he is late to work the odd time. Yesterday, it was for a very strange reason indeed. 

Tweeting from his account, he even had photographic evidence of the terror that was lurking outside his house and keeping him from leaving for training on time with his new club VfL Bochum in the 2. Bundesliga: a fluffy Persian cat.

Now, as he points out, he is allergic to cats so that's fair enough, but we suspect that the cat might have moved along if he'd gone out the door, they tend to be flighty enough. Still, we can only imagine trying something similar tomorrow with the boss after we stroll in at lunchtime, well rested after 15 hours straight in bed. "You should have seen this cat though, claws the size of dinner plates..."

Via Who Ate All The Pies