No, we mean the other kind of grass.

League One side Rochdale AFC's pitch is used for both football and rugby, and with a tighter budget than the big Premier League clubs, their groundsman, Oli Makin, has a lot of work to do to keep it in playable condition. 

However, he got a helping hand recently when police confiscated a whole lot of lamps used to help stimulate the growth of cannabis and weren't sure what to do with them,seeing as they didn't have a use for them in the station. Given that the lamps would have cost the club between £20,000-30,000 each, Sgt Andy Fern of Greater Manchester Police decided that Rochdale could put them to good use. 

Pic via BBC/Oli Makin

Makin said that he will, in particular, use the lamps to help the grass at the goalmouth and around the tunnel grow, which is where there is the most damage, but that the police have saved the club a fortune, not to mention that "the players will be happy, especially the goalkeeper".

They're not the only side to have done this before however, as it turns out that Notts County have also used confiscated lamps. We guess you could say that the police are really helping the grassroots game to grow... Sorry.

Via BBC . Main pic via Matt, Marie, Luke & Finn/Flickr.