Well, holy divine hour. This video of a flight trying to land in Gibraltar might not be for the faint-hearted.

The video below, which contains some swearing, was filmed by port worker, Richard Whalley. Speaking to CNN, the onlooker said "I work in the port, it's closed due to the high winds so was just in my office. (I) heard loud engine noises so looked out and saw the plane doing funny maneuvers."

The British Airways flight departed London Heathrow airport at 8:25 a.m. and planned on landing in the British territory of Gibraltar later that afternoon.
However, the pilot ran into a particularly strong patch of wind, and decided it wasn't safe enough to attempt a landing. Here's that video for you below.

Talk about a bumpy ride.
Luckily, everyone of the flight was safe. The aircraft was diverted to the southern Spanish city of Malaga where British Airways was organising ground transport for the passengers to continue their journey.
BA said in a statement. "Due to strong winds in the Gibraltar area, our pilots decided to land in Malaga as a precaution. At no point was there a risk to safety. The safety of our customers and crew is always out number one priority."