If you've been keeping up to date with current affairs, then you'll surely know that there is a controversy sweeping the nation that has to do with milk. 

After some complaints were received that milk was going off before the advertised sell-by date, controversy has hit the headlines as Irish people turn to the fridge to grab a splash of milk for their cuppa, only to find the stuff is gone all lumpy and sour. 

This undoubtedly comes as a shock to those who stare down the barrel of the horrible thought of having to take their tea plain, but it's doubly shocking because they claim that the use-by date is not the correct date, and that their milk is going off sooner than advertised. 

According to Newstalk , the National Dairy Council said that there is no reason that milk should go off quicker in the warm weather, but the Food Safety Authority issued a reminder on the station this morning not to store your milk on the fridge door, with spokesperson Helen Crowley saying that "ideally if you can keep it in the bottom shelf of the fridge, that's better than the actual door, which is not the coolest place in the fridge."

The situation has gotten so bad that even Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney has had to weigh in and promises to 'expose' the issue of this milk going off. We hate to tell everyone, but milk does get sour you know...

Via Newstalk. Main pic via Steve ransom on Flickr