The return to the office is on the horizon for many of us either later this month or later this year, so let's take a moment to enjoy a comical take on the upcoming move from our natural habitats.

Comedians 'Foil Arms and Hog' have tackled the Irish workforce's upcoming return to the office by the end of September. And while some of you reading this might feel a surge of joy at seeing your colleagues in person for the first time in over 18 months, others might panic at the thought of having to look substantially more presentable than you have been while on your virtual business calls in recent months.

Thankfully, the sketch group has read our minds and created a gas take on what it might actually look like once in-person meetings are in full swing once again.

Wearing dressing gowns and eating your breakfast probably won't go down too well for those of us in a suit and tie environment, nor will bringing your partner or your dog into the meeting. Oh, and clipping your toenails is probably a big no-no too.

The two Seans and Conor were also joined by Dublin comic Emma Doran, who makes a brief and very disruptive appearance.

Here's what might happen to you if you were in the 'Foil Arms and Hog' office at some point in the near future.

'Foil Arms and Hog' will be heading on tour around Ireland and the UK later this year and into 2022. Check out their website (here) for all of the details and locations.