Flappy Bird is no more. The insanely popular app has been removed from AppStore and Google Play as of 5 o clock yesterday afternoon.

The creator of the game, Nguyen Ha Dong, seems to have lost the plot altogether, claiming in a tweet he posted on Saturday 'I cannot take this anymore'.

Flappy Bird has risen to success in viral fashion, rapidly becoming one of the most downloaded games on a mobile platform.

The game, that Nguyen Ha Dong claims took only a few days to create, prides itself on its simplicity; gamers are offered the 'simple' task of guiding a bird between green pipes.  As anyone, who has played will know, the game possesses that careful mix of infuriating frustration and addictiveness. Like Snake on the old Nokias (a year of my life i'll never get back, damn you, Snake!)

Speculations regarding legal issues related to the app is what's rumoured to be the root of the remarkable withdrawl of a game, that, at its peak, was raking in more than 50k a day in advertising. 

However, Nguyen, in a later tweet remarked

'It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore'

And, asked whether he intends to sell Flappy Bird, the Vietnamese game maker, put quite frankly (as seems to be his style):

'I also don't sell 'Flappy Bird', please don't ask.'

Fair enough, Nyugen, cool the jets.

Make of it, what you will. One thing's for sure, though, that a few less phones will be destroyed as a result of  'Flappy Bird' linked frustration *insert Flappy Bird related expletives*. So long, you little, effing fecker of a bird. It was good/infuriating, while it lasted, God rest your soul.