You forget soapstar celebs have lives of their own, don't you. It's like - "you're in my living room 6 times a week, how do you have time for a private life?"

As it happens, Jennie McAlpine's life it due to get a whole lot busier over the next few years as she's just announced her first pregnancy. Tyrone Dobbs is not the father, rather her partner Chris Farr (we'll get to him in a minute). As is the rigour these days, she made the announcement via twitter.

Then the congratulatory landslide commenced, with fellow soapstars such as Tina off Corrie (she's not dead yet), her flatmate Steph, and David off Corrie all conveying their joy through tweets.

To be fair, Jack would know the signs considering he's got two kids with his fiancee (and allegedly another one that's not talked about)

According to, Jennie has been dating Chris since 2005 and the couple opened a restaurant together in 2012. See, it's crazy the stuff some soap stars manage to get up to in their spare time while we're sitting slack jawed on the couch looking at them.

It's obviously yet unknown whether the pregnancy will be written into the show, or whether she'll just be shot from the chest up for the foreseeable.