Between tablets, laptops and smartphones, we can get a lot done on the move these days, so that train journey or plane trip is no longer lost time. 

That means more downtime when you get where you're going, and maybe a proper bit of shut eye to shake off the jet lag, but it can be uncomfortable and cumbersome to try and work on the move, but there are a few accessories that you can get that will make your life a lot easier.

Anyway, it's the 21st century, and we're firm believers that pretty much everything should be wireless by this stage, so here are our picks of the best bits of wireless tech to keep you working when you're on the go, or to stop your feet getting tangled in wires that are trailing all over the floor.


Microsoft’s latest portable keyboard offerings include the new All-in-One Media Keyboard, designed for use with SMART TVs and gaming consoles and the Wedge™ Mobile Keyboard, ideal for use with tablets.

The All-in-One Media Keyboard (€39.95) is the ideal device will keep your desk in the office clean (an amazing achievement for most of us) and make sure your living room is a haven of wireless bliss. Its full-size keyset and integrated multi-touch keypad, alongside customizable hotkeys and easy to reach volume controls, allow you to control the web, music, photos and movies with ease, while its durable, spill-resistant design protects against accidents, so no spilling of energy drinks during a late night smack-talking session on your console.

An ideal balance between form and function, the Wedge™ Mobile Keyboard (€79) offers minimalist design combined with a full-sized keyset, and will work seamlessly with Windows 8 thanks to its hotkeys and Start key, as well as media controls too. The multi-purpose cover powers down the device and doubles as a tablet stand so it's handy if you want to switch from watching something on Netflix to working on that spreadsheet that you've been putting on the backburner. It's also got Bluetooth® connectivity, it will work with most tablets too. 

The Wedge™ compact touch mouse (€69) is not only slick in its design, but also offers ultimate portability because it all comes wrapped up in a neat little package. Not quite literally wrapped (unless you're getting is a gift) it will make sure that you can be productive anywhere, anytime. It connects directly to your Bluetooth-enabled laptop or tablet, and BlueTrack technology means it will work on virtually any surface. You can also select to put it in ‘Backpack Mode’ to conserve battery whenever your device is shut down or hibernating, which is a nice added feature.

For those who prefer something a bit more like what they're used to using, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 (€16.90) is comfortable and familiar, while still being compact. It's got a scroll wheel for easy navigation and is available in a variety of colours to match your style, if you want to add a touch of flair. This classic design, easily used with either left or right hands, comes with a mini transceiver that can be stored in the mouse, for wireless connection and peace of mind.


The Microsoft Arc Touch (€59) is a more futuristic choice; curved for comfort while in use, it flattens when on the go to save space, powering the device down and taking up virtually no room in your bag. It also incorporates a Touch strip which gives you ultimate control, allowing you to flick and tap to scroll and grab documents. Again, it uses BluTrack technology so you can work on pretty much any surface you come across, and the nano transceiver gives wireless freedom but can be stowed away to keep everything nice and neat.


The good news for you, of course, is that we've got a fantastic prize of the All-In-One media keyboard to give away, so if you want to up your wireless game, then head right over here to enter the competition. Best of luck! 

All accessories are available to purchase from PC World, Harvey Norman, Soundstore and DID stores nationwide.