Crowdfunding is one of the greatest innovations of the internet, bringing some very worthy causes to everyone's attention. 

From great charity iniatives to fantastic design ideas that could change our lives, there are a few causes across the various crowdfunding sites that are well worth your money and deserving of some attention. This is not the place for those ideas, because we want to highlight some of the more ridiculous and hilarious ideas out there, that are incredibly silly but on some level, still brilliant. Will you ever use a money gun? Could a cat hammock really make a difference to your life? Yes, of course. 

1) Shock therapy

Finging it hard to break that bad habit? Be it smoking, snacking or something else entirely, sometimes you just need that reminder not to do something, so of course a quick electric shock is the best way to do it. That's where Pavlok comes in. Between the app, your willpower, an d a small bracelet that delivers a quick jolt when you're breaking your promises to yourself, you'll be on track in no time. 

Pavlok- The Habit Changing from Pavlok on Vimeo.


According to the people who make Pavlok, you can use it to break any number of bad habits (wasting time online being a big one, obviously), so what are you waiting for?

2) Cat hammock

Your cat needs somewhere warm to sleep, and with the winter rolling in that's becoming much more of a priority, so what are you gonna do? Buy a cat hammock that sits on a radiator in your home, of course.

3) Nap anywhere

If there's one thing that the Spanish have got absolutely right, it's the siesta, the mid-day nap that gets you through the day. Of course, we don't have that here, but what if there were a way that you could manage to get a sneaky, comfortable sleep on any surface? Allow us to introduce the weird arm pillow thingy-majig.


4) The Money Gun

So you've got a big pile of cash that you want to just throw around the place like a mad yoke, but that seems like way too much effort? We feel your pain, and so does Michael Schexnayder, who has come up with the money gun.

You want to look this cool?

Get the money gun. Get it now. Do it.

5) A house on the moon

There are plenty of houses on the market already, but the key to buying is location, location location. This house's location is the moon, which while it's not ideal for public transport or local amenities, it does have the added bonus of not having to worry about the neighbours being noisy. Still, can you imagine the cost of the water charges up there?

However, while the Moonhouse is more of an art project than a real gaff, it still needs an initial budget of about $250,000, which ain't cheap.