Domestic football returned to our screens over the weekend, so here are a few of the things you might have missed if you weren't playing close attention to all the leagues around the world. 

We'll start in Italy where Parma hosted AC Milan, and both defences and goalkeepers had a game that we're sure they would probably want to forget in a hurry, as the final score was 4-5. The first bit of greatness that we saw was this brilliant backheel from Jeremy Menez, which we can only describe as outrageously cheeky.

But the action didn't finish there in that particular game. There were two red cards issued, before Diego Lopez made a pretty huge clanger, and injured himself in the process, pulling up with what looked like a hamstring strain.

In La Liga, Allan Nyom committed a pretty reckless foul that was guaranteed a yellow card. In keeping with the tradition that we learned as kids when playing old editions of FIFA, he figured that just running away from the ref would avoid the inevitable booking. Good man. 

Next, we're off to Turkey where Konyaspor took on Balikesirspor, and got a 2-0 victory to their name. One of the goals in particular stood out above the others however, as Romanian winger Gabriel Torje pulled this spectacular flying scissors kick from outside the box out of the top drawer. Maybe even the top, top...sorry, we can't bring ourselves to even say it.

Arsenal took on Manchester City over the weekend in a game that could have ramifications later on in the season, with these two teams expected to challenge for positions at the top end of the table. Of course, there were plenty of moments to choose from, but our favourite was undoubtedly this moment where a great run from Jack Wilshere left Vincent Kompany so confused he ended up tackling his own man, James Milner. Whoops.